A journey of love and healing


Entering a meditative state in your usual way, and following the personal Opening Rite, sit comfortably and in relaxed manner with eyes closed and allowing a regular breathing rhythm to continue.. In your minds eye, the scene unfolds..

Through the trees, still bare of leaves in the woodland growing on the hillside, the views are long and far down to the misty valley within the OPL lands..  from the simple stone temple that we have arrived at on the top of the hill sit quietly and contemplate the magic of the place. A soft light shines from the rose-lavender coloured candle in the centre, and sweet incense is in the air as the breeze wafts its scent to our nostrils. The mood is one of relaxation and the attunement of Venus, Goddess of love and healing, of arts and music.

A gentle humming of the soft vibration is felt through our bodies as the tree branches echo around us. Our senses are heightened and from our heart and Ajna centres a soft ray glow of the rose-lavender light emanates. The lines of light spiral out around the world and co-join with those others who seek to work with the Light and in cooperation with the Inner Guides in a spirit of love and peace, raising the vibration of humanity from lower, self and selfish behaviours to enlightened and spiritually rich Service above Self, and a healing of love for all fellows and the various denizens of Nature and the Planet itself.

As each quiet server of the Light responds, the vibration grows stronger, and in turn this helps to lift the overall spirit and hope in the quest forward that is essential to the upward growth, as that of a plant naturally turning to the light seeking to grow and be nourished. The healing vibration affects and helps the positive rebalancing of ourselves and all souls, also those whose “ways” seem to be ones sadly of grief, violence, hatred and disharmony, even more skewed when these are consciously and evilly contrived by them to harm and mislead others. Such souls suffer from being unloved by their behaviours, by others and by themselves and sometimes because they feel for some reason/ event that they are unworthy of love and being loved, whether consciously or unconsciously.. This  pattern continues until gradually life-lessons within the Art of True Healing and within incarnations, the journey to the Light and life in balance is brought about.

Within the laws and lessons of Karma, ask that this healing be worked within our own selves and lives as well as on the wider scale out into the world, to leaders near or afar and within those who have need of comfort and travail,  that they be gently wrapped in this wave of healing, such that balance and harmony may be restored.


The vibration of unconditional love travels out, like the fast flying arrows in the Eight of Wands in the Tarot, helped by the god, Mercury. This positive energy also brings us in touch and tune with new project ideas and within the sphere of love, as Waite in earlier Tarot commentary referred to them as “Arrows of love”. Taking in and studying the imagery of the Tarot card linked to a meditation / guided pathworking attunement helps us to imbibe and work with the healing and learning energies we can release, once we work out how to bring this about, the real work of the inner quest within the Western Mystery Tradition. Following and opening ourselves up to the direction of travel that the 8 of Wands shows and leads us, can reveal the knowledge and wisdom we lack in particular projects / life and help us to come to useful and pragmatic conclusions that we can enact and finally move along with. Sometimes, this is by actually noticing a friend or helper in some way that can link with us and help us in the quest, as well as becoming a new Companion on the Path.

When ready, give thanks to the Inner for the guidance you have received, and with a slightly deeper breath, let the inner scene quietly dissolve and come back again into your own time and space. Performing the Closing Rite and extinguish your meditation candle. Remember to make you magical diary notes right away, and also share here if you wish! Fiat Lux, Dunstan X


Which way to look?

Bust of Janus, Archaeological Museum at the Roman Theater, Verona, Veneto, ItalyWelcome to a new year within the Order of the Perpetual Light! As the days of the journey into the new year slowly move along, the opportunity to take a fresh look and perhaps revive or create a new way for ourselves and our daily exploration of life and magical experience presents. The image of Janus, the Roman God of beginnings challenges us to draw and learn from where we have come from, whilst at the same time to look forward and see, if we open our eyes sufficiently, the new ways awaiting and calling to us.  It can take courage and an extra deep breath to then take the steps necessary to create and participate in life anew, perhaps pick up on projects temporarily set-aside as a side-path took the necessary time to explore – but cast your eyes to the horizon and respond!

Studying and pursuing an active involvement within the inner life of magic and the Western Mystery Tradition, calls on us to perceive ourselves in the widest context within the wonder of the universe. By celebrating the cycle of the seasons  and turning of the year, let an awareness of the magnificence of the wider galaxy unwrap around you, seeing yourself as one of the myriad dots / sparks of light within the larger web of Light within which the Mysteries sits. Draw yourself away from the endless negative bombardment of commercialism and lethargy that the media can unfortunately create around daily life, causing anxiety and feelings sometimes of inertia, to “leave it ’till another day..”

Qabalistic lore and teachings explain theories and offer ways to map this never ending depth – specific studies and road maps such as Dion Fortune’s Cosmic Doctrine offer substance to help us, though new interpretations have followed and within the mud of the river bed diamonds are revealed for us to marvel at when we learn how to look and find them. Likewise, the Egyptian Lotus draws its nourishment from the deep fertile mud of the Nile, its beautiful flower revealed above the water surface. This reminds us to look below and behind the initial surface skein of situations encountered along our life journey and path, where the diamonds are often found in the most surprising of places, and as many a parable points out – not in the hands of the rich, famous or most obvious of apparent places!

Strive therefore to grow upwards out of the mundane, though be well rooted and respectful of the earthly outward life – for it is our anchor and sustainer and should be lived in as harmonious a way as can be managed, with feet steadily placed on the ground as the roots of a tree. Let your head gaze upwards within the inspiration of the stars and light of Sun and Moon. Keeping the trials and tribulations of mundane life in proportion, eagerly look outwards into the next adventure on the magical quest and take up opportunities as they come towards you, enabling growth for your life and experience. Whilst this may seem difficult at first, with further attention and focus and incremental turning of the seasonal life wheel, it becomes easier to overcome and to spot the inertia which pulls at our heels – questioning “why bother?”.. or whispering in our ears..”it’s bound to fail”..

Let the Light quietly shine, nurture it within yourself and it will then illumine the way as you step forward into the opening out of a new cycle of growth and healing through 2017. Blessed Be!

The tarot image of the Fool and Eight of Pentacles link to this Attunement, with the message that focussed hard work enables the flow of guidance from the Inner into our lives and work. Skill in the Craft of inner ways is gained through training, order and discipline and a desire to actively pursue the quest of the expression of the Mysteries within our lives.
fool_morgan-greer     eight-pentacles_morgangreer

The key message is that finding success and achievement in the way forward occurs when we apply a focussed, disciplined but open attitude in our lives and day to day tasks, whatever they are. They may apparently be ordinary or complex tasks, it matters not, for it is not the successful end achievement of the task that matters, but the manner and learning that has been used and experienced along the way. This is the test and where the real gems are revealed and need to be grasped. Like so many paradoxes of magical teaching – it is seldom the obvious “worldly” norm approach that yields the goods, but in this case is the actual journey process that we undertake and live through, that is of value and where true gain lies.

As with magical training diaries, recording a Meditation, it is not just the Visualisation seen within the “inner cinema” that needs to be noted, but a meaningful Realisation grasped and deduced from what we have seen and then will act upon. When we recognise ourselves as the tarot trump of the Fool, we can explore and learn how to “surf the waters of life in a spirit of wonderment” allowing our daily journey through life to reveal the Spirit that activates and energises the act of true living and the myriad fibres that it is composed of. The true Magical gold is transmuted from the apparently dull and mundane mud, as part of The Art of True Healing and Alchemical self transformation.

The Mysteries and 8 of Pentacles teach us that work must likewise serve the wider community in its goodness, and is not to be approached as a self-obsessed manner and with selfish end goals that actually close and narrow the way instead of opening it up, revealing the “blessed cracks in life” through which new life can grow and the Light can penetrate to help others too. In this way, finding the greater meaning is achieved and the value reaped is beyond expectations. It will be forever shifting and changing though, for that is the nature of life. The wheel turns, and our task continues as it transforms and like the ever youth-full Fool, we chase the butterfly onwards.”

Companions new and old, a blessing on your respective paths, it is always good to hear and share whenever you have a moment!

Dunstan X



Serving in the Mysteries – being receptive and the Autumnal tides calling to look within..


There are many concepts within the Western Mystery Tradition (WMT) which like all kernels of truth, have different connotations and therefore probably reactions and “takes” from people living at different ages in time. The language that is used to express information and teachings needs to move on and adapt, whilst still essentially preserving and keeping alive the precious concept and truth that is being conveyed.

When we read the words of key writers and teachers of ages now past, they can seem a bit archaic, and can take a bit of getting to – in terms of the gist that was being conveyed. With a little effort and application, and perseverance in some cases, success prevails, and the gems are revealed. Called into ones meditation time, and allowed the necessary reflective time to gestate (several days, or typically 7 days following the initial question or focus), an understanding to a better degree is found. This can often pop into your mind, or be revealed via un unexpected conversation or paragraph in a book, or even on the radio.. or perhaps via a blog on the internet! Having an open mind and one that is focussed and ready to learn and be “upgraded” (to borrow from “IT” – speak) is what it’s all about, a generosity of spirit.

Having benefitted from being taught, from “outer world” teachers, via one-to-one, a course or in following your own Hearth Fire path and life itself – sharing and giving back is one of the key concepts in the Western Mystery Tradition and in learning about Magic.

From the Autumnal Equinox, the Inner Call and focus of change from outer world summer-time activity, to inner world balance of active focus and refection is a hallmark of the autumn/winter inner tide. In writing this – it is strongly calling to me. I’m back writing here, passing on the gist of the Inner message as shaped within the Order of the Perpetual Light.

To Serve,  – to seek, requires us to adjust, refine and make a space for this in busy modern-time lives, with a sacrifice of our own time and ways, “To Give and not to Count the Cost; to Labour and not seek for any reward, save that of knowing that we do Thy Will”  as the prayer of St Ignatius goes.. Aspiring to and becoming a true Servant of the Light can sound a bit grand, and with the capacity for seeming fantatical,- but if aberrational behaviour and anything that strikes as ego-centric or with potential to harm or unbalance /contain or harm another living person/creature is likely to be the result – then this is not Service of the Light, but service to the self and not what this is all about at all, and a mark of heading into some degree of evil, negativity and unbalance. There is always a light and a dark potential side to a situation, another of the basic Qabalastic teachings within the WMT and in finding a position of balance within the Tree of Life. It is the manner in which a person responds to the situation/issue which shines the light of real truth, the story told by their actions which is the key.

A setting aside from outer daily life, such as practiced within a Monastery or even as a hermit in retreat from the modern world is at one end of the scale, whilst for most, a more blended way of devotion and Service carried out within our daily lives, offers a practical and more than satisfactory way of expression and way of responding to the Inner Call to Serve.

In so doing, the need to know ourselves (and apply the necessary refinements, the personal Alchemy) in order to chip away at the aspects of our personality, mind and emotions that can cause conflicts, bring dis-ease and keep us distracted has to be worked on at the same time, a project lasting a lifetime if not more – depending on how you see such concepts. Each day is a chance to polish the facets of the diamond to let both the Light shine in and also out of via our lives, such that by our actions, we are known and the ebb and flow of inner and outer world life is maintained.

Be a good friend, a companion, a good listener too and blend that critical combination of mind and humanity – with love to carry us between inner and outer world. Breathe its presence within your daily life and Service, watch and give thanks.

Bright Blessings, Dunstan 29.9.14

…but is it real?

Here is a very insightful post from Shamanic Paths, and the issue of seeing and experiencing beyond and what can happen when..well, what we’ve been apparently working towards.. happens in our meditations, mediations and magic-making/experiencing and things seem to be..real! X Dunstan

Shamanic Paths

Tree Moon Lake (Copyright "Foundwalls.com") Tree Moon Lake
(Copyright “Foundwalls.com”)

Aherm! Two posts in as many days? (Don’t be expecting it regularly! 😉 )

One of the questions that often crops up, is the reality, or otherwise, of the experiences involved in shamanic work. This is true also of meditation, path-working, and all forms of light work in which a trance, or semi-trance state is essential.

“Isn’t it just my imagination?”

The misgiving is quite understandable, and, if I may be so bold, completely unanswerable to the satisfaction of anyone intrigued enough to ask it. I can only offer an experience, of several years ago, by way of explanation.

At the time, way before shamanism entered my life, I was an active member of an online forum. Topics of discussion attracted the serious esoteric investigator. Amongst the membership, there were a significant number actively involved, at various levels, in meditation.

Someone suggested that it would…

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Slowing down for Druidry

Nimue writes a blog exploring daily druid life, and in this re-blog,  gives a useful insight into some of the questions and things which can arise within yourself and life as you set out to discover your magical path..!

Druid Life

With hindsight I can see a number of things going on with me when I first came to Druidry, that I would not have admitted to myself at the time, but which I suspect will affect others, too. When we’re doing a new thing, we tend to make public our success, progress, and joy in it. It reinforces the work and makes us feel good. The reality may well be more complex, but if no one else speaks about it, we hardly want to bare all and risk flagging up that we are wrong or different in some way.

I came to Druidry having gone through the formal education system with enthusiasm. I knew how to study, and how to learn. I could absorb ideas quickly and formulate new ones. When I started studying with OBOD, my impulse was to run through as fast as possible, learn it all, get…

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